"I am your ultimate answer to having a well-managed life so you can focus on what’s really
important to you. While working with a plethora of high status individuals as a private chef
and house manager, I have effectively traveled the world in the process. My extensive culinary
knowledge and exemplary organisational skills have lifted me to the top of my skill-set.
Give your family their very own Georgie Poppins."

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Event Management


Personal Makeover
Staff Management
Organic PA
Nutritional advisor
Personal Shopper


"The food was just totally, utterly amazing! Out of this world! Georgina Hounsfield is beyond unique
and talented! She also catered for the launch of the new X5 at Continental Cars: BMW Dealer.
Everyone raved about it for weeks on end. Wishing you all the success Georgie that you richly deserve
for all your passion that you put into every heavenly culinary creation." - MELINDA FANE CUSSÉ

"We want the world to know how wonderful you are: The first time we met Georgie we were endeared
by her enthusiasm for our event and the complimentary ideas she brought. We just clicked. Georgie
took on more than just the catering and organised most aspects of the event in a remote location.
Despite the many obstacles she pulled off an amazing event with us, well insulated from the mammoth
effort required to make it happen. We were so sure Georgie would do an amazing job that we then
employed her for our wedding. While incorporating our ideas and input we left most of the menu up
to her. We were so confident in Georgie that it was a weight off our minds with her on board making
the wedding less stressful to organise. We had high expectations for our wedding but they were far
exceeded on the day. For many of the guests the food was the highlight of the event and the
compliments to Georgie were endless. We can't thank Georgie enough for the magic she has created
for us." - DAMON MARIA

"Georgie's catering is amazing & impressive. The food is delicious, service is of the highest standard &
her attention to detail makes for a wonderful winning combination. The canapé combinations offer
exquisite flavours & colour combinations. On every occasion I have seen her deliver more than any
host has expected. Georgie & her delightful team take the hassle out of entertaining." – MIKE CLARK

"Georgie and crew, thanks for looking after us four Christmas holiday. Amazing lunches and dinners,
great that we did not have to buy or prepare meals. Service was excellent and our guests just loved the
pampering. From 3-30 guests it seemed like each meal floated onto the table. Thanks"

"We contracted Gerogina to cater part of my family’s two weeks stay in Seaview, close to Port Elizabeth.
We were all very satisfied with her and her crew’s service and food. Georgina has a very good ability to
”catch” what you want. My father and mother are keen dessert eaters and were especially impressed by
her abilities in this field." - JOACHIM ERIKSSON

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Georgie at some fantastic high profile events in New Zealand.
I was amazed by her creative and scrumptious culinary delights and her ability to put every party host
at instant ease. She is sadly missed in these parts by her clients and co workers but we wish her well
and know she will be making many people happy in SA." - KAYT WILLIAMSON

"What do I say about the lady that helped me with my breakfast celebration? A lady that took a whole
lot of stress of my shoulders. Thank you Georgie, you were INCREDIBLE. The most amazing, easy
personality to work with. If anyone is looking for an extra pair of hands for a stress free function big or
small, I would definitely recommend Georgie." - FATHIMA MOOSA PADIA

"Georgie, huge thanks for making our Christmas break not only hassle free, but filled with the most
delicious culinary surprises! We loved your dishes and the endless variety over ten days of lunches and
dinners was quite remarkable. Also a real pleasure to have you and your team making our family
moments memorable." - LINDA KUYS



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